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New job!

Hi everybody! (Especially Jonathan... xoxo) =^_^=

Here we go, its Dani's first LJ! Hehe. Well it took me long enough, I just needed a reason for one. My life is pretty boring for the most part so trying to keep a diary going felt like too much work. But whenever I get a job, like over the summer, I always have these great stories to tell. Like when I worked as lifeguard for the Highland YMCA outdoor pool... Or at the public library last year. You wouldn't think you'd meet so many weirdo people or end up on crazy adventures (like raccoon hunting with the drain net! hehe) but it happens all the time to me.

Well THIS time I will be sure to write them down here... because I have a new job! That's right. Its all part of Dani's Genius Plan to Pay for Xmas. I want to get my friends & family nice things this year, so I took a babysitting job at a house three blocks away. Babysitting, yeah! Doesn't sound like a steady job but this one is different. The Ellisons are both full-time working parents, programmers at some tech company downtown. When big deadlines get close, both of them have to work hella-bad OT hours, and they need someone to watch their daughter Linney from 5-10, Mon-Thurs. That seriously cuts into my downtime after school. :( But! Its worth it. I keep telling myself that.

I went over tonight and met Linney and Mr. and Mrs. Ellison. They look like total geeks. Their living room has a big screen TV and also a table with two PCs and a bunch of other gear like DVD burners. The place is cold, they must run the AC a lot to keep their hardware from overheating. Its like that in the school computer room all the time.

Linney is 8. She's quiet and shy, but she has the cutest crooked-teeth smile! ^_^ She likes Nintendo and Barbie. I think we'll get along fine.

My first day is tomorrow! Its sooooo weird to have someone's house key on my key ring... I guess my references were good for them though.

Wish me luck!

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