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Sunday, October 31st, 2004
2:00 pm
found you
Thursday, October 21st, 2004
11:41 pm
there was a crooked man
and he walked a crooked mile
he found a crooked sixpence
upon a crooked stile
he bought a crooked cat
who caught a crooked mouse
and they all lived together
in a crooked little house

red rover red rover let jenny come over
Wednesday, October 20th, 2004
11:31 pm - Home finally
Its taken me this long to feel good enough to type. I got home over an hour ago. If last nite was awful, tonite was a hundred times worse. I don't know where to start.

I got there at five, waved bye to Kathy, played with Linney some. The TV was acting up so we had dinner early. I made some raviolis with pasta sauce and it was good, but when I was taking Linney's plate I thought I felt something touch me and it made me jump, and the bowl spilled onto Linney's shoulder. She had pasta sauce in her hair. She asked for a bath, which was fine, but I had not given her a bath before. I was a little uncomfortable just because I wasn't familiar with the temp settings on the tub, and I didn't know how Linney's mom and dad would feel about it, but Linney kept pleading with me to stay with her for the bath. So I ran the water and helped her into the tub.

This string came out of the faucet as the tub filled up. It made Linney nervous. I tried to tug on it and pull it all the way out, but it must have been caught on something inside the pipes. It just dangled from the faucet and floated on the water. Some of the pasta sauce had gotten in Linney's hair, so I rinsed it out a little. There wasn't any soap in the guest bath, so I went into the Ellisons bedroom to borrow from their master bath.

That's when Linney started SCREAMING. I have never been so chilled to the bone before hearing her tonight. It was horrible, hearing her scream. I turned and ran back to her as fast as I could, and when I got back she was hanging onto the edge of the tub trying to get out, and the string was wrapped around her leg. I yanked and yanked at it again but it wouldn't budge, and Linney kept screaming Get it off get it off, and so I started to try and unwind it from her leg but the shampoo in the water or something had made it slippery and I started crying and then suddenly the string went slack and I tore Linney away. She had a set of marks on her like stripes, where the string had cut into her skin. Later when I went back with a pair of scissors the string was gone and the water had drained away.

We spent the rest of the night in the living room on the couch, piled under two blankets and pillows from the Ellisons bed. Linney eventually fell asleep, but I was so worried about her and confused about what happened, I was a nervous wreck. At around 9pm one of the PC's started beeping like crazy. I got up to check on it. An alert had popped up, it said . Like that. Then, the power cut out and back on again. Only, some of the lights didn't come on. Just a light from down the hall.

In the hall it was easier to see, but I took a wrong turn on my way back...The tiny hall and door that leads to the garage was not where I thought it was. Instead I found a set of stairs. Like real stairs. Going up. And it smelled like cake, like right out of the oven. I felt so lost and strange, I can't explain it. Except...I didn't think the house had a second story. Its too hard to see from outside. I finally found a way into the kitchen and from there went back to Linney who was still asleep.

It got real cold after that....

When the Ellisons got home I told them about the bath and the other problems but I didn't mention the stairs. Then I told them I couldn't babysit anymore. I think I used schoolwork as an excuse. They said they understood but I could tell they were depressed about it. I'm sorry but I just can't keep doing it. Well, Mrs Ellison asked me to please just make it for one more nite and then they would get a new sitter over the weekend to start on Monday. She paid me in advance for tomorrow, too. I didn't want to say yes, I don't want to go back, but I felt so bad for leaving them on such short notice, and really what if its just me being a spazz? :( Like I'm freaking myself out or something.

Anyway, I told Mrs Ellison yes.

One more nite. I can do this. I will come back and tell you about the final five hours sitting for Linney in that house, and come Friday I will talk about something new like my friends Dawn and Kim, or how I love Starbucks strawberry cream frapps, or whatever. Just to keep me in the habit of writing here. I think I've been pretty good about it anyway, I sort of get on and start typing automatically before I go to bed.

Ok. Ok.
I wish I wasn't so scared of going back.
I feel so empty...


current mood: numb
Tuesday, October 19th, 2004
10:48 pm - why am I doing this again?

I don't feel good. :( I have had a headache for half the nite, just pounding on the back of my eyes, Ive taken like 4 Advil already and it won't go away. Babysitting was a nightmare. I had two papers to write, plus Lit homework, plus tuesdays are workout days for me but I got up late and couldn't work out in the morning so I sorta squeezed in a quick 20 min session after school.

OMG Linney kept singing that stupid rhyme all night, drove me nuts. I swear if I hear it one more time I'll snap. I had such a hard time with everything tonite. The house got REALLY cold at one point. Made my ear ring, you know that high pitch sound like they use for the test of the emergency broadcast system? Yeah my ear was doing that. I thought it was the computers at first. Did I tell ya about the PC's in the living room? Anyway they are always on. I went over and checked them out. The table is like a spagetti bowl of cables leading off behind furniture or into the wall. Turns out its not them, the ringing was in my ear. But the Ellisons had some sorta monitoring program going....All these numbers were scrolling like mad in a window....the program wasn't anything I recognized, but the file name was like tmptest_attic. I didn't want to get in trouble so I didn't touch them.

It got warm in the hall. Linney and I stayed there for a while. It also smelled good there. Like a bakery. I think the vents must be messed up in that house, seriously. I don't know how anyone could live like that all the time. :(

I want to quit. But I don't want to hurt Linney's feelings. Maybe I should just suck it up.

gah there goes the ringing again

current mood: drained
Monday, October 18th, 2004
10:31 pm - Back on the job
What a weekend! =^_^=

Lets see...I hung out with Jon, saw the puppet movie by those South Park guys, and went lipstick shopping b/c I read this article how lipstick is all undervalued now, like people don't wear it as often. And I love lipstick! :-x <-- rebel

Tonite was pretty boring.... Linney was her usual quiet self and we spent most the night watching TV. We watched Aladdin twice and then it was bedtime. The house wasn't as cold this time, or maybe it wasn't that bad since I brought a jacket and kept it on. Oh, I burned dinner! :-O That was frustrating, cuz I know I set it for the right time! So I made us PB&J sandwitches instead. I'm such a mom... (No joking about that!)

I gotta tell ya this one weird part was when I was cleaning up in the kitchen after putting Linney to bed... I heard what sounded like somebody barreling down stairs. Only there are no stairs in the Ellisons house. I think it was just the TV or maybe the garage door just makes a sound like that, cuz the Ellisons came in a few minutes later.

Boy they look tired. They coulda used a couple Dani Special PB&J's themselves.
I still don't know if I should mention finding the keys that belong to that Mark guy or not.....

Anyway, time for bed,

current mood: sleepy
Saturday, October 16th, 2004
11:10 am - Keys
Well that was a let down!

Ok so I went and had the keychain card thing scanned at the Fry's which worked even though they were for another place, cuz its all part of a big chain of stores. The keys don't belong to anyone named Rick after all. The guy told me they're for somebody named Mark Hondrie I think it was. He lives in Texas! I didn't get them back either. Its policy to have the store mail them back. Whatever.

Still makes me wonder what in the world they were doing in Mr and Mrs Ellisons hall...hmmmm....

LOL listen to me I'm like Nancy Dru! :)

Ok off to the mall! Jon is waiting!


current mood: curious
Thursday, October 14th, 2004
11:02 pm - Crooked
OMG Linney is a strange little girl. Last nite it was weird phrases, tonite it was a rhyme or some childrens song. Something about a crooked man with six pants, I dunno. I mean she can be cute and smiles a lot but already I worry she doesn't get enough attention from her parents. Well duh. Otherwise I wouldn't have this job. :P

She wanted to go to bed early tonite. I tucked her in and she hugged me, and kept her arms around me for soooo long. :( She's definately gonna get an Xmas present from me, even if I'm not her sitter by then!

I told her a story to put her to sleep, about a family of bears in a big house. I was using her dollhouse as the one where the bears lived, ya know just improvising. So I was looking over at it and saw she had colored a room upstairs in red, marked it all up in a magic marker. I asked her what that room was and she just said "The one upstairs." Why is it red? Linney just shrugged like she didn't know!
"What's it for?"
"It smells like cookies and candy."

See what I mean? Strange strange strange. No idea what that's about.

OH! I almost forgot! On my way back to the living room I found a set of keys on the floor in the hall.... just lieing there.... I was like WTF? They weren't mine and the house keys didn't work on the doors for the house. I don't know how I missed em before. I think they belong to Rick! hehe.

Anyway, they have one of those grocery keychain cards on them, soooo... I took them! Maybe I shoulda handed them over to Mr and Mrs Ellison but what if I'm right and mom is having an affair and these are to her BF's place??? I don't wanna get anyone in trouble.

This weekend I'm gonna go to the store and have them scan the little keycard for me to see who it is. I'll be a good samariton AND nosy at the same time! Jon's little brother sacks at the one on Camelback I think.

*yaaaawn* What a week! Finally I get a weekend to myself tho!
I'll write if I find anything juicy about the keys!


current mood: cold
Wednesday, October 13th, 2004
10:34 pm - Bizarre...
Tonite was pretty bizarre.

Linney spent most of it in her room playing quietly, which was ok for me since I had to finish my Amer History paper. I made her soup for dinner and checked on her from time to time. But when it got close to her bed time I heard her talking to someone, so I went back to see if she was calling to me or just chatting with her dolls. She isn't supposed to be on the phone.

She was moving furniture around in her little house, just talking to herself. I think she was repeating stuff she overheard somewhere... Maybe even in the house. You know how sometimes kids say stuff they don't realize could get their parents in trouble? I think Linney was whispering "come on Rick, answer the phone" and "the door." :O Ummmmmm is Mrs Ellison maybe seeing Rick on the side?

When I tucked Linney in bed I asked her what she was saying before, and she just shrugged and said it was stuff she heard. When I asked where she heard them, she said "around."

We'll see if the plot thickens tomorrow night! :D

off to bed now,

current mood: confused
Tuesday, October 12th, 2004
10:55 pm - First night...
Whew, I'm back! =^_^=

First night babysitting was pretty easy. I got there a little before 5 and met Kathy, she's the one who takes Linney home from school. She has a boy who goes there too. She knew Mr and Mrs Ellison when they lived in Chicago and helped them find a place here. She was in a hurry I guess, but she seems kinda rude. She told me to "be on time so I don't have to wait for you." :( I was on time! I was early! Pfft.

Linney was still very quiet, but she doesn't know me, so that's ok. We played some Nintendo, and after dinner she wanted to play house. She has a doll house in her room, its really cute. I grabbed a Barbie doll and started to play with her but she told me Barbie wasn't the right size for the house! hehe. Its true too. Barbie is just way too tall, see what long legs gets you sometimes! But Linney doesn't have any dolls for the house. She says it doesn't need any cuz its just a house, but I think she secretly wants some. If we get along I may add that to my Dani Xmas List project! hehe.

I gotta remember to take a jacket with me next time tho. It gets way cold and I didn't find the thermostat. I was gonna say something when Linney's mom and dad came home but when they showed up they looked so tired... I don't know how they work such crazy hours. I just got my money and told them I'd be there tomorrow.

That was it! Pretty uneventful first day.

So sleepy now. Off to bed...


current mood: sleepy
Monday, October 11th, 2004
10:21 pm - New job!
Hi everybody! (Especially Jonathan... xoxo) =^_^=

Here we go, its Dani's first LJ! Hehe. Well it took me long enough, I just needed a reason for one. My life is pretty boring for the most part so trying to keep a diary going felt like too much work. But whenever I get a job, like over the summer, I always have these great stories to tell. Like when I worked as lifeguard for the Highland YMCA outdoor pool... Or at the public library last year. You wouldn't think you'd meet so many weirdo people or end up on crazy adventures (like raccoon hunting with the drain net! hehe) but it happens all the time to me.

Well THIS time I will be sure to write them down here... because I have a new job! That's right. Its all part of Dani's Genius Plan to Pay for Xmas. I want to get my friends & family nice things this year, so I took a babysitting job at a house three blocks away. Babysitting, yeah! Doesn't sound like a steady job but this one is different. The Ellisons are both full-time working parents, programmers at some tech company downtown. When big deadlines get close, both of them have to work hella-bad OT hours, and they need someone to watch their daughter Linney from 5-10, Mon-Thurs. That seriously cuts into my downtime after school. :( But! Its worth it. I keep telling myself that.

I went over tonight and met Linney and Mr. and Mrs. Ellison. They look like total geeks. Their living room has a big screen TV and also a table with two PCs and a bunch of other gear like DVD burners. The place is cold, they must run the AC a lot to keep their hardware from overheating. Its like that in the school computer room all the time.

Linney is 8. She's quiet and shy, but she has the cutest crooked-teeth smile! ^_^ She likes Nintendo and Barbie. I think we'll get along fine.

My first day is tomorrow! Its sooooo weird to have someone's house key on my key ring... I guess my references were good for them though.

Wish me luck!


current mood: bouncy

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